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Seda SAKACI ÇELİK - 3D Scientific Skin Analysis

3D Scientific Skin Analysis – First in Turkey

Saç Analizi

Hair Analysis

Seda SAKACI ÇELİK - 3D Bilimsel Cilt Analizi

I always say; Beauty must be healthy and natural. The diagnosis is very important with the individualized application. These must be correct first and then natural applications should be done.

We report the status of your skin with 3D scientific skin analysis. This type of analysis is done just by us in Turkey.

We're measuring the age of your skin. According to your scientific skin analysis report, we recommend products and do your personal application.

We can measure the condition of your skin in detail and we can send your report as an email or print it out.

So, what are we measuring?

Skin hydration

Flexibility of the skin

The sebum of the skin

Skin ph

Skin melanin status

Skin temperature

Skin phototype

Biological skin age


Skin and health

Pre-aging assessments

UV tolerance

Sensitive Skin

Skin Brightness

Consultations before applications

Beauty in hands

Scalp Health

Cellulite and fluid retention screening

Acne counseling

Advice on hair clearance

Stop your aging with personalized healthy practices.