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Seda SAKACI ÇELİK - Training

What do you say to join Seda Sakacı with Natural Cosmetics (1 Day), Natural Beauty (4 Days) Training?

1 day course content

  • What is natural cosmetics?
  • How to apply?
  • What are the products used in natural cosmetics?
  • What are the damages of chemical substances used in cosmetics?
  • Natural beauty prescriptions with natural cosmetic formulas
  • Cream preparation

4 day course content

  • Structure of the skin and hair, functions and problems
  • Identify skin and hair type and choose appropriate cosmetics
  • Nail health
  • Perfume plants
  • Applications
  • Natural practices for acne, wart, herpes and fungus
  • Toning and creaming for dry, oily and mixed skin
  • Prepare maintenance oil and solution for dry, greasy and worn hair
  • Cream for cellulite and body cracks
  • Cellulite oil blend
  • Deodorant preparation
  • Preparation of solid and liquid perfume
  • Body peeling

Whole Beauty Training Seminars with Seda Sakacı

This is not an education where ordinary knowledge and beauty prescriptions are involved. Unheard practices are described.

How is skin type determined? Which oil is used which skin type? How to prevent premature aging and wrinkling of the skin? Acne? How do you get rid of Nasser? What are the easy formulas for having soft, well-groomed hands and feet? Color analysis, Facial analysis and makeup. Body shape analysis. Image and style analysis.

Whether you rejuvenate with anti-aging tonics or change yourself with make-up supplies! As long as you apply the cosmetics correctly ... Personal Care Coach Seda Sakacı gives you tips that can make you feel like a professional and can experience holistic beauty and make your life easier.

  • Tonic recipes for dry, oily and mixed skins
  • Recipes for preparing maintenance oil and solution for dry, oily and worn hair
  • Formulas for cellulite and body cracks
  • Natural Deodorant recipes
  • Body peeling recipes

Examples of Seda Sakacı Education

Beauty is not as easy as it is described. It requires regularity, accountability and stability. Beauty is hidden in detail. If you want to be noticed and respected people treat you, you should take the time to care for yourself every day. Of course, for yourself and also for your health. Tooth brushing is very important in terms of our health and oral hygiene.

White and well-maintained teeth make you noticed everywhere you go.Oral hygiene is very important as well as elegance. The natural makeup provides a fresh image and maintains natural appearance. Eye concealer should be of good quality. Because the eyelids and under the eyes are so thin that the veins appear. It gives a tired image because of its dull color. A good concealer will show vigorous.

A light powder, a little blush, lipstick and mascara give you a fresher, more natural and healthier image. Deodorant and perfume stay in the memory and let people remember you.

Always remember to use on a clean skin by choosing a suitable perfume for your skin, season, style and mood. Choose clothes that suit your body build. Stand steadfastly, trusting yourself. I think it is an etiquette to give importance to personal attention. Among the most important attitudes in knowing courtesy rules and being kind to people.

Skin cleansing is the most important key to the simple beauty.To sleep with makeup is one of the mistakes made. Using the wrong skin products is the greatest danger for your skin. You can not give a hygienic and well-maintained image to a dirty skin. Even if you try to hide it with make-up products or foundation. So, your skin cleansing is as important as wearing it right. Simplicity is always chic to be natural.

Purpose of this Program:

  • The ability to express themselves more easily for participants
  • Walking self-confident and right
  • The idea of an effective image
  • Skin Care Hints and Tips
  • The Right Makeup Techniques
  • The right beauty that suits you
  • Life Facilitating Natural Life Health Formulas
  • Recognize themselves
  • Adding color to your life
  • It aims at the effectiveness of the message that they give to the outside world in this direction by enabling them to be aware of the first impression and image they give to others.