Seda Sakacı Kozmetoloji Merkezi


As Seda Sakacı Cosmetology, researching, developing and being one of the practitioners of the rapidly developing technology are among our core values. Artificial intelligence technology with personalized based on analysis of cosmetology in the world and applied for the first time in Turkey, a pioneering concept. The priority of our institution, which performs scientific analysis with artificial intelligence technology and produces personalized cosmetology, is to closely follow the technology and to develop it and present it to our clients. We support this core value with our R&D center in Düzce.

Our specialists at our R&D center continue their efforts to make Seda Sakacı Cosmetology services and products the most effective and high performance using the latest technology methods. The goal of our R&D center and experts is to continue to be a pioneer in science and technology by integrating the latest technologies developed in the industry into our build intelligence system.