Seda Sakacı Cosmetology

We use technology for beauty.

Using artificial intelligence technology, we propose personalized products according to the results of scientific skin analysis. The use of artificial intelligence technology in the world in the field of cosmetics and cosmetology center for first in Turkey.

Personalized cosmetic shampoo, cream and care products, such as products used almost every day. Difference; to meet the needs of the person and have a natural content.

We’re all unique and different. Only special applications should be used and personalized products should be encouraged. This is the way through the person’s scientific skin, body and hair analysis.

After the analysis results, personalized recommendations can be given and special products can be prepared. Without this result can not move. Each person’s skin, hair or body needs are different.

With the results of scientific analysis, only those personalized products can be prepared and nutrition recommendations can be provided if necessary.

The total beauty can be reached through personal care, personalized cosmetics and nutritional supplements. These three are the paths that reveal holistic beauty.

Continuous learning technology

  • Artificial intelligence has every information and equipment available to date on skin, hair, body analysis, body care and care products. He learns new information from each new case and follows developments in the world. The analysis gives us the most accurate results. So it shows the source of the problem.

Indicates what needs to be done

  • Artificial intelligence, when faced with a problematic skin, hair or body problems, only in cases that require maintenance, what kind of care what kind of cosmetic products should be used. According to the results of scientific analysis, it determines the herbal substance which should be used in the skin, hair or body problems and provides the preparation of personal cosmetics.

What does artificial intelligence provide?

  • Scientific skin analysis with artificial intelligence technology is, in some cases, an analysis by means of specialized devices used by an expert, including laboratory tests. This can be considered as a skin control process. Without the right solutions, suitable products cannot be prepared. Improper care and non-personalized products may cause more damage than good. No one should use cosmetics unless the results of scientific skin analysis with artificial intelligence technology are known.