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Seda Sakacı Cosmetology Center is an organization that is at the forefront of human health and made personalized applications and is the pioneer of natural therapies.

Scientific Skin Analysis

With scientific skin analysis, we learn the active ingredients your skin needs.

Natural Ingredients

When natural active ingredients come into contact with your hair or skin, you begin to regain your natural beauty.

SHealthy Lifestyle

You will feel healthier as the body begins to complete its deficiencies.

Cosmetological Body Analysis


Cosmetological Hair Analysis


Cosmetological Skin Analysis


Oxidative Stress Measurement


Analysis with Artificial Intelligence

Using artificial intelligence technology, we propose personalized products according to the results of scientific skin analysis. The use of artificial intelligence technology in the world in the field of cosmetics and cosmetology center for first in Turkey.

Our Therapy

The skin condition is measured after conducting an individualized scientific skin analysis. After determining the water ph oil and cell regeneration levels, natural applications are recommended according to the value ranges.

Personal Cosmetology

You can visit our Cosmetology Centers by filling out the Cosmetology Form with our online system to benefit from our special products and therapies.

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Seda Sakacı Çelik

Seda Sakaci, founded by her, continues to serve in Cosmetology Center with her understanding of ’Protective Beauty”. In addition, there is an R&D center in Düzce Technopark with the collaboration of Düzce University, which was established by her. She uses the medical and aromatic plants cultivated by the regional farmers and processed by the university as raw material and carries out R&D studies in the laboratory of Teknopark with a personalized concept. She Develops a domestic and national scientific analysis instrument.

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A new approach to beauty.

The production of personal cosmetics starts with scientific analysis. Without scientific analysis, it is not known what a person’s body, hair or skin needs. Scientific analysis is a type of analysis using highly sensitive devices and artificial intelligence technology. Scientific analysis is done separately for skin, hair and body. Each of the analyzes performed by a specialist takes about one hour.

Natural Active Ingredient

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