Seda Sakacı Cosmetology

Seda Sakacı Çelik

Seda Sakaci, founded by her, continues to serve in Cosmetology Center with her understanding of ’Protective Beauty”.

In addition, there is an R&D center in Düzce Technopark with the collaboration of Düzce University, which was established by her. She uses the medical and aromatic plants cultivated by the regional farmers and processed by the university as raw material and carries out R&D studies in the laboratory of Teknopark with a personalized concept.

She Develops a domestic and national scientific analysis instrument. It is a system that forms the basis of personal cosmetics for skin, hair and body analysis.

Seda Sakacı Celik is the first person to create the cosmetology ID in Turkey and in the world.

She was born in Istanbul. After completing her basic education, she studied at the Department of Medical and Aromatic Plants at Celal Bayar University and graduated from the Department of Cosmetic Technology at Kocaeli University.

While she has been giving training seminars on Natural Cosmetics workshops, she has been a master instructor on skin care and hair design, served as a lecturer in universities and served as the Head of Beauty and Hair Care Services Department of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. In her time as Head of Department in IMM at a school for the first time in Turkey, where he wrote for the first time with natural skin care training curriculum and training has been given aromatherapy. Her books have been in the curriculum.

Seda Sakacı Çelik is currently giving Natural Beauty, Natural and Personal Care, Natural Cosmetics, Phytocosmetics and Holistic Beauty training seminars in the Health Environment School of Zeytinburnu Medical Plants Garden.
Due to her graduation from Medical and Aromatic Plants and Cosmetology, in her professional works she worked both as an educator and as a practitioner and as a designer of R&D

Even if you have the same skin type as someone else, your skin needs may be very different from each other. A personalized product can precisely address cosmetic issues because it is customized for the individual, which a mass-produced product cannot.
A personalized product can handle cosmetic problems with a mass-produced product that cannot be customized, tailored to the individual.

The scientific analysis, which is the mainstay in the preparation of personalized cosmetics, yields 96% accurate results. After analyzing this data, Seda Sakacı Çelik saw that the special method she used could meet the needs.

She began to work by thinking that learning artificial intelligence technology combined with personalized natural cosmetics would benefit all of humanity.
Düzce University Technology Research and Implementation Center made an agreement with the plant to be used in personalized cosmetics, the plant entered into cooperation for the cultivation of the plant. It was very important that everything was pure and natural. Seda Sakacı Çelik, having a center in Düzce Teknopark and a production laboratory in Düzce, develops its researches in this production laboratory and manufactures reliable, healthy phyto-smart cosmetics that are friendly to nature and human health.

It has made natural raw materials personalized natural cosmetics with artificial intelligence technology. It believes that natural products that are tailor-made have a complementary effect by increasing the ability to regenerate the skin surface. In this way, if the skin needs what it is, it will give it to the skin and cosmetic problems in this point has shot and happy results will be reached.
She gave formulas and consultancy to multiple brands.


Bütünsel Güzellik

21 Günlük Güzellik Programı ve Doğal Ecza Dolabınız bu kitapta!

The period of spending too much money on the behalf of the flourish is over now! The risk of chemical cosmetics poisoning your body is eliminated!

We all know about the many damages of chemical cosmetics and we learn about the new damages that occur almost every day. To date, dozens of books published in the form of natural beauty formula, but either because of the difficulty of the formulas or the lack of information could not be a complete remedy. In this sense, the Simple Beauty book introduces practical solutions to a panacea.

Seda Sakacı, who works as a hairdresser, hair designer and esthetician for many years, offers you all the natural cosmetics necessary for your skin and body care, which you can easily do and apply at home. She explains the secrets of being pretty and handsome for men, who are young and beautiful, for the women who choose the naturalness.

It’s not a book of ordinary beauty recipes! It is difficult to reach, with the name unheard of materials or applications does not drag the job. It shows the way to get natural materials from the right place and to apply the formulas in a practical way. How is the skin type determined? Which oil is used? How to prevent premature aging and wrinkling of the skin? How do whitened hair turn into natural color? What’s your acne problem? How do you survive calluses? What are the easy formulas for soft, well-maintained hands and feet? This is the answer to many questions you are looking for and answers to flourish in this book accompanied by 100 special formula Bu Whether you rejuvenate with anti-aging tonic or end cellulite with cream! As long as you choose the natural one!

Sade Güzellik

A’dan Z’ye doğal kozmetikler: Doğallığı seçen kadınlar için genç ve güzel kalmanın sırları!

“Güzel ve sağlıklı cilt aslında tüm vücut sağlığımızın yansıması ile birlikte, duygusal durumumuzun da bir yansımasıdır. İnsanın kendine dışarıdan bakması, içerden bakması, mental duygu durumunu iyi hissetmesi bir ritüel felsefesi olarak algılanmalıdır. Bu kitabımda bütünsel güzelliği, doğal bakımla, koruyucu güzellik anlayışı ile kolay uygulanabilir. programlara böldüm.

Dır The beautiful and healthy skin is a reflection of our emotional state, together with the reflection of our whole body health. It should be perceived as a ritual philosophy to look at yourself from the outside, look inside, and feel good mental state of mind. In this book, it can be applied easily with its holistic beauty, natural care and protective beauty. divided into programs.

My passion for my profession for years has always made me look for better, more beautiful, accurate and scientific knowledge. I wanted to share my therapy and knowledge that I have synthesized and applied in my expertise.

I hope you will love it and hope that you will have a nice perspective on the skin specialist estheticians and everyone who wants to be informed about it. In my holistic beauty book, beauty centers, institutes and home you will find rituals that will be comfortable. You will learn how to preserve your beauty with a healthy beauty therapy. These holistic therapies will help you to improve your quality of life and find your natural beauty.